Saturday, December 11, 2010

Dr. Pepper

You either love it or you hate it.
Or maybe you kinda like it sometimes.

Recently I've been drinking too much of it because my choices at home are as follows; Water, Dr. Pepper, Milk (whole, ew) or Kool-Aid.

I know the obvious choice is Kool-Aid but you have to make it yourself and that takes time so I usually go with the quick and easy, Dr. Pepper. No glass, no ice; just a cold can of 23 flavors.

But I'm growing tired of it to be honest. I will always love a cold fresh Dr. Pepper a the right time but I think I need a break from it.

Now I know what you're saying.
You're saying, "Is this something really worth blogging about?"

The answer is:

Let me just say, that I do not like bottled Dr. Pepper or any other soda (usually, unless it's reallllllly convenient at the time.) Canned drinks are the best in my opinion.

Sidenote: I've only ever had
Coca-Cola out of a glass bottle and it's
the best of all but TOO EXPENSIVE!

Dr. Pepper from a fountain machine is always iffy. I try not to risk it and go with either root beer or Mt. Dew. :D

Another observation I've gathered about Dr. Pepper is that it is possibly the worst drink ever when it is hot. Room temperature is not very good at all. Plus, there's the Flat Factor, (hereafter referred to as the FF.) The FF is the amount of time the soda takes to become flat and how good it tastes after the FF is achieved.

Below is a list of sodas and their rank in taste after the FF is reached.
(Based on a scale of 1-10)
Sunkist 10 2 hours 6
Coca-Cola 9 1.45 hours 5
Sprite 7 1 hour 4
Mt. Dew 9 2 hours 6
Root Beer 7 3 hours 9*
Pepsi 5 1.7 hours 3
ANYTHING DIET 3 30 minutes 2
Dr. Pepper 10 1.5 hours 1

Based on the graph above you can see where Dr. Pepper ranks among other leading sodas before and after the FF.

*Root Beer is rather weird and is mostly appealing when flat. See Unsolved Mysteries

All in all, I will [probably] always be a fan of Dr. Pepper. It was created in Texas, which is awesome. It has 23 different flavors, which is awesome. It's the only soda to graduate college/university, which is awesome. I'm surprised they didn't call it Dr. Awesome. That would sell, am I right?

As usual thanks for reading and I'd love to hear what you've got to say on the subject! Leave me a comment and blog you soon!



Samantha said...

I disagree with pretty much everything in this blog. Soda is disgusting, and Dr. Pepper is worst of all. WORST. OF. ALL. The obvious choice is WATER, not Kool-Aid.

Even through all of this, though, I believe our relationship can continue. I love you for you, not your choice in beverage.


Jeff Edelman said...

You poor, naive child. The greatest drink in the world is Coke.

SusanaYAY said...

I completely agree with you, best soda ever is Dr. Pepper. (Only when it's cold.) This is the first time I read your blog so, YAY me. -follows you- YAY again! :D

Savannah Mango said...

Personally, I prefer Cherry Coke or Vanilla Coke. Though, Dr. Pepper is definitely awesome and so is Root Beer, preferably IBC in the glass bottles. Canned drinks are bet but glass bottles triumph over all!