Saturday, October 24, 2009


Above you will find a small collection of compact discs, CDs, with art on them.
I used to do CD art for a hobby for pretty much one reason...
1. To make my CDs not look lame.

In a reasonably recent video I posted, I showed the book that contained these CDs and I thought it would be kinda cool to share some of the actual art with you.

Now, there are dozens and dozens more of these, but I just picked a few that I liked a whole lot. We'll call these, "My Favorites"

I guess I could talk about them a bit. So... Here it goes, from top to bottom, and left to right...

1. Headphones! What!? They're awesome.. haha
2. I remember this one. I wanted to draw a panda. So I did... On a CD.
3. Ruler + Markers = This one.
4. This one is very blank, but I like it because the way it's laid out. Cards were right next to me.
5. This one is definitely in my top 3 or something... I made it around Christmas time, obviously. haha It has a great mix of songs on it as well!
6. So this one is very awesome. Very simple too. Here's what I did; I rigged a portable CD player, so that it would still play the CD while the lid was open. When this works properly, the CD plays and goes around and around really fast. All you have to do is touch it ever so slightly, with a marker and it makes rings! Cool huh?! Mhm, I did different colors as you can see.. I have a few like this, but this one is one of the best of those.
7. The Sandlot... Come on.. Classic. (Funny thing, it's not even the soundtrack, just a mix! )
8. So abstract. I really like the way the colors relate. I don't know, I just really like it ok? haha
9. Notebook paper! It's a cool design for a CD I think hehe
10. I LOVE Woodstock! I loved him more than Snoopy. So I did a design with him. Small, cute. Just all around awesome. :)
11. Pizzzzzaaa... I'm assuming I ate it that day.
12. This one is a combination of 3 different band's album covers. I just like how it turned out.
13. Fossils. Something definitely died on this CD...
14. Again with the Christmas. Only I don't think this one was made around Christmas. *shrug*
15. Simple, yet disturbing. Looks cool and makes you think. I dig.
16. Not sure how I came up with this one. Pretty much random. haha
17. I went through a Play-Doh phase as a young adult. I'll probably go through another in my later years or something...
18. Super Nintendo controllers are freakin' cool. The color scheme is so weird, but it works! I liked it, so bam. Definitely in my top 3.
19. This was a rap CD. Now it makes sense.
20. Another ring CD, with the player rigging technique. Lime green and purple. Woot!

So that's pretty much it. I have loads more but these are really the best.
I hope you enjoyed reading this and looking at them!
Until next timeeee,
Cade <3