Saturday, October 24, 2009


Above you will find a small collection of compact discs, CDs, with art on them.
I used to do CD art for a hobby for pretty much one reason...
1. To make my CDs not look lame.

In a reasonably recent video I posted, I showed the book that contained these CDs and I thought it would be kinda cool to share some of the actual art with you.

Now, there are dozens and dozens more of these, but I just picked a few that I liked a whole lot. We'll call these, "My Favorites"

I guess I could talk about them a bit. So... Here it goes, from top to bottom, and left to right...

1. Headphones! What!? They're awesome.. haha
2. I remember this one. I wanted to draw a panda. So I did... On a CD.
3. Ruler + Markers = This one.
4. This one is very blank, but I like it because the way it's laid out. Cards were right next to me.
5. This one is definitely in my top 3 or something... I made it around Christmas time, obviously. haha It has a great mix of songs on it as well!
6. So this one is very awesome. Very simple too. Here's what I did; I rigged a portable CD player, so that it would still play the CD while the lid was open. When this works properly, the CD plays and goes around and around really fast. All you have to do is touch it ever so slightly, with a marker and it makes rings! Cool huh?! Mhm, I did different colors as you can see.. I have a few like this, but this one is one of the best of those.
7. The Sandlot... Come on.. Classic. (Funny thing, it's not even the soundtrack, just a mix! )
8. So abstract. I really like the way the colors relate. I don't know, I just really like it ok? haha
9. Notebook paper! It's a cool design for a CD I think hehe
10. I LOVE Woodstock! I loved him more than Snoopy. So I did a design with him. Small, cute. Just all around awesome. :)
11. Pizzzzzaaa... I'm assuming I ate it that day.
12. This one is a combination of 3 different band's album covers. I just like how it turned out.
13. Fossils. Something definitely died on this CD...
14. Again with the Christmas. Only I don't think this one was made around Christmas. *shrug*
15. Simple, yet disturbing. Looks cool and makes you think. I dig.
16. Not sure how I came up with this one. Pretty much random. haha
17. I went through a Play-Doh phase as a young adult. I'll probably go through another in my later years or something...
18. Super Nintendo controllers are freakin' cool. The color scheme is so weird, but it works! I liked it, so bam. Definitely in my top 3.
19. This was a rap CD. Now it makes sense.
20. Another ring CD, with the player rigging technique. Lime green and purple. Woot!

So that's pretty much it. I have loads more but these are really the best.
I hope you enjoyed reading this and looking at them!
Until next timeeee,
Cade <3

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Guess who has had an amazing last few days!!!

That's right. They've been SO good, I just HAD to Blog about it!

Well. It all started off on this past Wednesday. . .

I had the first exam in this class and it only took me 15 minutes to take! It was so easy!
SO that was GUURREAT!
And then.
No, I did not go ice fishing...

It was so great. The weather there (for the most part) was super awesome. I got to have AMAZING PINKBERRY and nom nom and delicious PIZZA! Ah, it was so great just being with her and there and. . . bah. Yes. <3>

Did I mention I didn't pay for a single thing the whole trip?
Oh I didn't?!
WELL. You see, when I was on the plane there, I sorta struck up a conversation with the 2 guys next to me and they were really cool guys talking about how much fun they were going to have on their vacation to NYC.

Having been to NYC 2 times before, I decided to chime in and talk to them too and tell them some things that they should definitely see and do!

It was all very friendly and casual for conversation and it lasted the whole plane ride!
Such nice people! SO nice, that the guy next to me GAVE me a $100 BILL!!!
My goodness I didn't know nice people still existed!
SO yeah. That was so frickin' cool. RAY, if you're some how READING THIS? LOL THANKS DUDE!! hahaha
Sam and I proceeded to have a friggen awesome time this past weekend and it was just super duper amazing and I'm really glad I decided to go. :)

I arrived back in Florida last night, (Monday) and I forgot I had a quiz TODAY!!! (TUESDAY) EEK!
what's that Cade!? Your luck hasn't run out just yet!?

That's right. The Quiz was postponed to next week. hehehe
I'm sure more subtle good things have happened that I've forgot to put but you get the gist of it all.

Here's to another FANTASTIC week ahead! (hopefully) I wish all my good luck, good fortune and great spirit to you all!!! And with that, I bid you farewell for now. :)
PS. Check out the AMAZING Rainbows I saw this week(end)!!!
This one is in NYC area-ish
And this one is back home in Florida. Both were just beautiful. Such a rare sight for me.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

I know it's been awhile.
But is that really my fault!?
Absolutely not.
Ok, alright, it is 100% my fault.
My bad...

Ok let's just get this party (blog) started.

LAST TIME, IN CADE'S LIFE... We saw him fly through the spring semester and rip right into his summer break! Now... we meet back up with our favorite person ever Cade, in Florida where he now LIVES!!
*dramatic music*
BUT FIRST, how did Cade wind up here!?
Will he save the world!?
Is he awesome!?
All this AND MORE, in this blog post...
*quieter music*
Kay, enough of that, well this has been put off for about 5 months. Isn't that great?! nah. Not really. Let me get you up to speed. Long version or short version? Middle Length, you say? fine fine fine... *mumbles* wasn't really an option but ok whatever you say...
Well, I spent my whole month of May in Minnesota again working with my lovely Aunt.
I basically worked 2 full tim
e jobs, so around 80ish hours a week.
That was my life for a good 25 days or w/e
It was tiring and fun. But mostly,
made pretty good bank though.. $_$
I spent two whole weeks in the lovely state of Oregon meeting up with lots and lots of GREAT people.
I got the chance to meet and hang out with some familiar faces, that I haven't seen in a long long time and that
was great!
I also got to m
eet some new faces which was also great! AND, I finally got to meet some people I've been really excited and anxious to meet for awhile.
It really was a great time at the gathering as well
There was a gathering in Portland and there were a TON of people!
Both days
were really cool, I can't decide on my favorite but I really liked the zoo for sure.
If you missed the gathering in Portland, then shame on you. Just kidding but it was a lot of fun and I know everyone just had a great time! Here's some pictures of what kind of fun went down!

Great stuff eh? That's really just the tip of the iceberg though... hehe
the wonderful Oregon trip, ThatZak and I took a trip to the wonderful city NEW YORK CITY!!!
and let me tell you... this was an amazing trip.
It really was a trip that I'll remember forever and ever.
We got to hangout with THE coolest people EVUR.
Oh, yeah there was the 789 gathering and lots of people were there and I met some people which was really really awesome, but besides meeting the few people I really wanted to meet, I didn't like the event as much as others. There were too many people for my comfort. BUT HEY! Loads of people had a great time and that's great for them so woot! Anyways, I could really go on about this trip forever but I think it'll be best if you just see some pictures instead. :)

Oh and the best part of all...
I got to hang out with this sweet girl.
After all of those amazing adventures, I went home and stayed there for the month of August. Well, most of it anyways. I also turned 20 that month. Lots of people came over including Her :)
So that was very very fun.
It was time to MOVE to Florida! In case you don't know watch THIS!!!
this is me driving to Florida. Someone amazing took it.
So that's where we are now! Chillin' and going to school! Making videos and music! :)
It's all just going really great and I'm sorry I haven't updated you sooner.
I think this is a good enough blog to make up for it.
Forgive me?
Well, I guess this is the awkward part where I end it..
Update soon! Love,
Cade <3

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hey can't you see I'm busy making sweet musiks?

It's that time again! hehe...
I've been meaning to write this post for about a week and a half now...
That's like what... 10.5 days?
BUT it's getting done TODAY so muhahaha

The above picture was taken with my BEAUTFIUL BRAND NEW HD camera! :D
It's the best evurrr.
And I can make sooper AWESOME LYKE VIDS when I find the time... :P
Oh yes. I know.
I think you should buy a super duper amazing t-shirt!!!
1. you know you want one
2. you know you need one
3. you have to have one
Buy a shirt at this link right HERE!!!!
So yeah.
If you don't I'm gonna beat you up.
Pleaseandthankyou. :D
Oh for those of you who love my oh so lovely sweet awesome music that I make... :P
Be expecting a few surprises in months to come...
That's right I said it MONTHS. I know it's far away but these things take TIME.
But yeah nothing big but it'll be cool! ^_^
789 gathering.
it exists.
I'll be there.
I'll be in NYC in July 100% for sure! Woot!
Also if you can come to...
the NorthWest YouTube gathering
in Portland Oregon on June 27th/28th
Please come! I'll be there along with a BUNCH of
other cool YOUTUBERSSS
Kay yeah that's about it really.
School is this close to being finished for the year...
[ ]
CAN'T WAIT! Sorry for all the caps... =[

<3 Cade

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

yeah idk...
So the above picture was taken by a great person while we were at the beach.

So there's your dailybooth for ya. :P

SO summer is coming around the bend...
Thank. The. Lord.

And I think I've gotten it planned out.
(for the most part of course.)

In May i'll be returning to the great state of Minnesota to work at my aunt's restaurant again as I did last summer. It was very fun but it was SO much work but I think it's really worth it since it's just one month. Plus I wouldn't really have anything specical to do in May anyways.

In June I'll be returning to the great state of Oregon to hang out with some really great people that I can't wait to seeeeeee!!!! Also, the North West YouTube gathering is JUNE 27th and 28th and I'm going to be there!!! YOU SHOULD BE TOO! There's gonna be A LOT of people there and the RSVP list is still growing. I predict....

July is not so official yet. But if everything works out which I hope it does... then I'll be in NYC for a few days! Hopefully for the 4th of July and MAYBE for the 789 gathering! But like I said it's not so official yet so when that is decided then I'll have everything planned out OFFICIALLY! :P


other than that.

But See I'm a really bad person with money. (meaning I never ever want to spend it unless it's on plane tickets!)
But seriously, I really do need a new one because this one is like totally going out on me... And it's really annoying.
There are a few other things that I've wanted for awhile and I think I'm just gonna go on a money spending "splurge" and buy them all for HECK OF IT!!!

We'll see...

That's it for now.

Cade <3>

Monday, January 5, 2009

I suppose I should update this?
I just don't even know what to say anymore in this sillllllllly thing.
When sitting down to do one of these posts I go through little phases of preparation, similar to this;
  1. "Oh yeah I got a blog. I should probably update that soon."
  2. "Mmm. Yeah I see everyone has updated their blog."
  3. "Well, I mean I would update but what would I say really..."
  4. "Well there are tons of things I could say but what do I not say..."
  5. "Look people you don't have to remind me. I'll update it soon."
  6. "Ok. I will. This week."
  7. "Whatever. Time to update this blog. If not now, it will never get done."
So as you can see I'm in what I like to call, "Phase 7."
Which to me sounds like an awesome video game.
On a side note, just letting you know
I don't really know where I'm
going with this post so please.
Bare with me.

Alright where were we...
Oh yes.
It is where I am currently and as you can see from the picture I have been enjoying waffles nightly at the Waffle House.
They are absolutely delicious.
I'm here staying at Zak and Colson's house along with Daniel.
We are having a great time and I hate to leave already, but I have been here for awhile.
Yes so tomorrow night I'll be flying back home,
and then,
school starts back up on the 12th I believe.
Which is going to be dumb.

So since the last post a lot of things have happened.
Including holidays.
Hope yours were as good as mine.
By the way I forgot to mention that Zak and Daniel are currently asleep while I do this and I'm just playing music and if they wake up I'll be like um.

(what a funny looking word.)
I've made a few new friends which i
<3>I've also lost a few friends somewhere along the line.
Things happen.
Still not sure how I let that happen.
Too late now.
MUST look at the
BRIGHTSIDE and press on with GOOD attitude.
And that is all you need to know about that.

what else, what else, what else.
I picture myself like Pooh bear right now thinking.
Well I have been extremely lazy when it comes to internet dealings.
As you can see by this post and it's late arrival.
I have posted a video on You
Tube in like.
a month.

S l o w l y
but surely
I'm working on a new video!
So watch out! *karate chops*

So. 2 0 0 9
W h a t
o n
e a r t h
will this year bring for me.

I know
2008 did wonders for me, so I'm actually looking forward to the new year.
I did not make a new years resolution.
I made a rain check new years resolution.
So that means when I decide what it will be I'll declare it then.

Well I think they are getting up now so I guess I better get going.
Oh. Yes.
Definitely need to go.