Wednesday, February 18, 2009

yeah idk...
So the above picture was taken by a great person while we were at the beach.

So there's your dailybooth for ya. :P

SO summer is coming around the bend...
Thank. The. Lord.

And I think I've gotten it planned out.
(for the most part of course.)

In May i'll be returning to the great state of Minnesota to work at my aunt's restaurant again as I did last summer. It was very fun but it was SO much work but I think it's really worth it since it's just one month. Plus I wouldn't really have anything specical to do in May anyways.

In June I'll be returning to the great state of Oregon to hang out with some really great people that I can't wait to seeeeeee!!!! Also, the North West YouTube gathering is JUNE 27th and 28th and I'm going to be there!!! YOU SHOULD BE TOO! There's gonna be A LOT of people there and the RSVP list is still growing. I predict....

July is not so official yet. But if everything works out which I hope it does... then I'll be in NYC for a few days! Hopefully for the 4th of July and MAYBE for the 789 gathering! But like I said it's not so official yet so when that is decided then I'll have everything planned out OFFICIALLY! :P


other than that.

But See I'm a really bad person with money. (meaning I never ever want to spend it unless it's on plane tickets!)
But seriously, I really do need a new one because this one is like totally going out on me... And it's really annoying.
There are a few other things that I've wanted for awhile and I think I'm just gonna go on a money spending "splurge" and buy them all for HECK OF IT!!!

We'll see...

That's it for now.

Cade <3>