Saturday, November 1, 2008

Well hello there.
I'm now officially starting this here silly blog of mine.
And now that I'm starting to type this I realize I have nothing to say.
I figured that since today was November 1st it would be the best way to start off the new month.
Which, by the way, I'm looking forward to this month.
The weather gets nicer, not much going on and Thanksgiving of course!
I love Thanksgiving.
What a wonderful time of year. The holidays. I'm just glad Halloween is over.
Sucha drag... =P
Anyways, I just bought Guitar Hero 4 and I wanted you to know that it is awesome.
Let's see what else...
Oh! New video will be coming soon.
Actually two new videos will be soon!
I just have to take my time on them and make sure they turn out the way I want them! >.<
Is this hard to read by the way?
It's kinda fun to type it out like this =P
The Atlanta Gathering. <3
It was so much fun.
I really wish it was longer than just a few days.
I want to go back already!
I wish we took more pictures/video.
But we really were having too much fun for that sort of stuff.
I will never look at The Waffle House or Coke ever the same. =P
And for those of you that stopped by on BlogTv while we were gone.
You probably heard my 15 minute techno/electronic song that I recently finished.
Of course it's entitled.
I'm so proud of it. lol
I want to start improving my music.
Just start learning more and overall improve my sound.
I also want to start branching out into different genres! ^_^
I'm not really sure how that'll work out.. XD
I'll let you know. =P
Wow I just used 3 different smiley's in the past 3 sentences... O_o
...make that four.
I do use them a little too much... lol
Oh well.
I guess I should wrap up my rambling.



"Don't take your "boring" days for granted. Dead people would die for any kind of day to live. Oh wait. Nevermind."


Dave said...

Woo blogs ftw! =D

SincerelyKimmi said...

Cade I love you.
I knew you would eventually start blogging.
I'm so proud.

michaelmidnight said...

Wow Cade! That was an awesome first post. Hope you enjoy blogging. And hey, where can we get a copy of "15"? After listening to the loop every so often, it got addicting!

sarahvaldes said...

yay blogger!

Daniel said...

Cade you are an excellent friend and a very good blogger. I expect more.

Justin said...

Blogging is awesome. I expect great things from your blogs. Like kimmi, I did not expect you to ever get a blog xD. And yes GH4 is great :)

Cara said...

I'm super duper excited for your new videos!
I enjoy cadegoestocollege videos.
And "15" is my favorite song of all time, so go you.

Gina said...

HiCadehiCadehiCade. Is that hard to read?

Yayz! You have a blog! Blogs are funny.


Miss Mhairi said...

caaaaaaaaaaaaaaade <3

Michelle said...

fantastic first post Cade. 15 rocks!
lol at the little P.S. at the end of that. XD
~<3 Michelle

Mallory said...

I KNEW IT TOO! Bahaha. <4
I love the all over texting. . . very nice.
You're epic.

LCSsings said...

YAY you have a blog now :)
*adds Cade to blog roll*

Pistachio said...

yay you got a blog!
wow. im slow. i didn't know there was a guitar hero 4. haha

AngieME said...

"15" does rock. Hehe you know we are all addicted to listening to it, and telling us that you finished it only make us want to download it more.

Please get a link up soon.



sweet blog cade. :)

Andreaaaa!! said...

Yeer blog is pretty cool haha xD
I like how you use a lot of smilies
In a good way.
Yeah I do that too :B But yeah your blog is waaay cooler then mine o__o
I don't even get how to put anything on my blog.
Well whatev's.
All [:

Danny said...


youraverageninja said...

Very, very random.
Yet interesting.
Randomness is the bomb.